Ife Journal of Integrated Science (IJIS) is an annual publication of Ife Journal of Integrated Science of Nigeria. It aims at improving the quality of academic and research manuscripts submitted by scholars and researchers through peer review process, and disseminate the publications through open access to practioners, educators, educationists, academia, researchers, curriculum planners and policy makers. The manuscripts can have different approaches, which are quantitative approaches as well as qualitative. IJIS is an annual and peer – reviewed Journal.

Manuscript Submitted to IJIS Should:

1. have a strong introduction that clearly states the organizing points of the study, acquaints the readers to what is ahead, and makes a direct link between theory, questions and research design.
2. have focused literature review that clearly establishes why the topic/ problem warrants discussion.
3. Be prepared according to the 6th or 7th edition of publication manual of American Psychological Association.

Guidelines for Papers Submission
*​Articles should not be longer than 15 A4 – sized pages using Time New Roman, font size
of 12. Longer articles will attract additional publication fee.
*​Reference style should conform to the America Psychological Association format (6th or
7th Edition). This should be arranged in alphabetical order according to the surname of the
*​Footnotes are not allowed.
*​Manuscripts’ cover should include the title of the paper, author(s) name(s), institution ​affiliation, contact and E-mail address.
*​Abstract should not be more than 250 words.
*​Articles can be submitted electronically via e-mail to
*​Assessment fee of N6,000 shall be paid before any paper shall be reviewed.
*​Publication fee of N30,000 ($80), is a condition for publication that a manuscript submitted to Ife Journal of Integrated Science (IJIS) has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere.
All fees must be paid into Ife Journal of Integrated Science Account.
Bank Name: Polaris Bank
Account Name: Ife Journal of Integrated Science (IJIS)
Account Number: 1140280175
• Submissions are published at the editor’s exclusive discretion. Submission that does not conform to these guidelines may not be considered for publication.